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It is impossible to book a mohel more than one week in advance of a bris, unless the baby has already been born, found to be healthy, is thriving, and has attained a weight deemed to be adequate for a safely conducted procedure. Even if a family has been given a date by their physician for either a scheduled C-section or induction, one never really knows with absolute certainty when the baby will arrive and if the baby will be healthy enough upon delivery to schedule a ceremony one week in advance. The expectant mother may go into early labor or break the bag of water prior to the prearranged birth date. The obstetrician may decide to change the date of the scheduled c-section during the last week because of health or scheduling concerns. There are a whole host of unforeseen circumstances that could ruin the best laid plans for a scheduled delivery.

Anything else for us to do in the meantime?

  1. Start gathering all the items necessary for the ceremony such as family heirlooms, Judaica, old Kiddush cups, wedding chuppah, Tallitot and photos. Encourage the grandparents or others to write a brief letter or poem to the baby, same for the parents. Start purchasing the supplies for the ceremony including wine cups, candlesticks, wine or grape juice and aftercare supplies. Print the "Instructions" and "Bris Script".
  2. Gather your thoughts about what you want to accomplish during the course of the ceremony.
  3. Decide on the participants and inform them of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Start deciding on a Hebrew name for the baby.
  5. Suggest reviewing my web site ( to those who are not of the Jewish faith or who are less knowledgeable about the Bris Mila ceremony.