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A competent and experienced mohel should be adept at juggling several simultaneous roles in his professional capacity. During the course of his interaction with the family, including the conversations prior to the date of the ceremony, a mohel will, at times, function as an educator, rabbi or spiritual leader, religious officiant, psychologist, producer, director, a bit of a show person and most importantly a surgeon. A mohel is responsible for the well being of the baby during and after the surgical procedure. The circumcision is no different than any other minor surgery…. it is still an operation and must be treated accordingly. The mohel, acting as a psychologist should be diplomatic in his dealings with various emotional issues such as family members who are not in favor of circumcision or a Bris ceremony, divorced grandparents who still harbor animosity to each other, interactions between family members of different faiths, cultural heritage or Jewish affiliations. A mohel has to set the stage for the ceremony, making sure that all necessary elements are in place before the ceremony even begins. Instruments and medical supplies can never be forgotten nor misplaced. The setting for the circumcision must be deemed safe for the procedure. The mohel must conduct the service while simultaneously directing the flow of the participants. A touch of showmanship makes the experience more engaging to the guests while reducing the level of anxiety associated with this specific ritual. Finally, a well-experienced mohel will, after setting a strong foundation, make the ceremony proceed flawlessly and seem effortless, as though a Bris was so simple "anyone" could have done it.