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For non-Jewish families, I am honored to perform the circumcision for their newborn son.
I use the same method or technique used in the context of a Brit Mila ceremony. Again, it is usually performed in the family home with the assistance of the mother and father to help calm and comfort the baby. No restraining board is used, instead the baby is placed on a simple sleeping pillow. I use the EMLA cream and other elements described within this site to help minimize the discomfort of the procedure as much as reasonably possible.

For Christian families who desire a ceremony, I am happy to assist them in designing one that meets their needs. Again, please call my office to discuss these options further.


Please prepare the following supplies and arrangements.

  • Standard sized sleeping pillow ( down or fiber is okay).

  • Neosporin-Plus, Mycitracin-Plus, or generic ointment

  • Vaseline or plain white petroleum jelly

  • 3"x3" or 4"x4" sterile square surgical gauzes

  • Administer 0.4ml of infant tylenol drops 30 min. prior to procedure. ( 0.4ml + approx. 1/3 an eyedropper)

  • Feed the baby until I (the mohel) arrive.

  • 2 diapers and moist tush wipes.

  • Burp cloth.

  • Print the After Care Instructions list found within this web site under "Details".