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I suggest that families consider adding elements that can serve to beautify or enhance the experience of the Bris for all present. Elegant touches such as small, simple flower arrangements, scattered flower petals and family heirlooms all serve as a way to personalize the setting for the ceremony. In fact the Sephardic Jews, those from North African, Spanish or Mizrahi heritage, routinely beautify their ceremonies with sensual elements such as flowers, incense and sugar coated almonds.

I also suggest families express some thoughts about their newborn son or daughter in the form of a letter or poem that is shared with the guests. Afterward, these items can be saved for posterity. How often does one wonder what their parents were thinking at life events when they were a child? This way, in the future, your children will have an opportunity to know.

The following are some examples of letters and poems written by some of my families on the occasion of their ceremonies.

Sample Poem #1

Sample Poem #2